Engaging Our Students in English Language Arts ! - ÉCOLES ANGLOPHONES
Montréal, QC 07 décembre 2023

Workshop Description

When designing our secondary level English Language Arts classes, we have the power to truly engage our students in their learning. 
How can we inspire students to adopt a growth mindset? 
What innovative instructional strategies will actively involve them in their learning? 
How can integrating technology in the classroom both engage students and develop digital competency? 

Join us for the upcoming “Engaging our students in English Language Arts” workshop to find answers to all these questions.

This one-day interactive and collaborative workshop is designed for teachers who wish to share their best practices, as well as get inspired by their ELA colleagues within the FEEP network. Come explore how to make your class more engaging and motivating for your students and for yourself!

Workshop objectives:

  • Recognize the factors affecting student engagement and motivation in your classroom
  • Create a variety of engaging and stimulating learning activities 
  • Exchange ideas about best practices
  • Transform activities into more meaningful and authentic experiences for your students
  • Explore how online platforms can benefit and broaden our educational approach 

Ready to take action to engage your students?  Register today!


The workshop will not refer to the curriculum expectations pertaining to English as a Second Language.
Bring your tech tools and your Google account access.

Clientèle cible :
enseignant.es d'ELA au secondaire

Note : Le diner se prend sur place et il est inclus dans les frais de formation.

Responsable des inscriptions : Sanja Roca, rocas@feep.qc.ca

1940, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est Montréal QC H2B 1S2
Jasmine St-Laurent

Jasmine St-Laurent’s career began with an epiphany in Antarctica: after a decade of traveling around the world with students, leading language and community service tours, she wanted to capture the passion, sense of adventure and authentic learning born from traveling, and transport these in a school setting. Jasmine is a natural positive leader, mentor, and collaborator. In her 18 years as a teacher in Ontario and Quebec, and International Baccalaureate Diploma, she has developed expertise in developing a reading culture in high school, in creating an assessment for learning paradigm, and in fostering student engagement.
She is constantly modeling a growth mindset for her students and a reflective practice for her colleagues.

This leadership was recently recognized by the ATEQ as Jasmine is the 2022-2023 John Gaw Award Recipient.

Jasmine St-Laurent is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.


enseignant.es d'ELA au secondaire

200,00 $
  • Média : En salle
  • Emplacement : FEEP
    1940, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est
    Montréal QC H2B 1S2
  • Durée : 6 h
  • place(s) disponible(s) : 15
  • Calendrier : 07 décembre 2023
    ( 09h00 → 15h30 )

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